To Do List

Here's a running list of the tasks needed as I learn them:
  • Done! (Post Pending) Troubleshoot the intermittent panel lights
  • Done! pt. 1, pt. 2 Re-set the wiper blades to park on the drivers side so I can swap in the wipers that actually work
  • Done! Restore the threads in the capture nuts and machine screws to attach the top frame to the body
  • Done! (Post Pending) Get the differential plug out so I can check the oil level there.  Refill/Replace fluid
  • Done! (Post Pending) Check transmission oil level and refill if necessary
  • Done! (Post Pending) Tune (or replace) the wire wheels, and replace the lumpy tire on the spare
  • Fit side windows (side curtains) better or replace to eliminate gaps and improve weather proofing
  • Rehab temperature control to enable fully off operation in summer
  • Rehab speedometer so the needle does not oscillate
  • Done! (Post Pending) Rehab speedometer so the needle does not stick
  • Recalibrate the tachometer
  • Done! (Post Pending) Check suspension dampener fluid levels
  • Solve engine number mystery
  • Research car history
  • Fit felt pad under bonnet to prevent warm air recirculation above radiator
  • Done! Fix oil leak at junction feeding the pressure gauge
  • Done! Fix fuel leak between carbs
  • Done! (Post Pending) Fix the heater blower switch (re-solder)
  • Done! (Post Pending) Replace cracked heater control panel
  • Done! Replace the sagging engine mounts so I can use the crank starter and reach the oil sump bolts
  • Install the top clip from later cars models to prevent wind infiltration just above the windshield.
  • Done! (Post Pending) Replace left front hub due to missing splines.
  • Done! (Post Pending) Redo front suspension
  • Redo rear suspension
  • Done! (Post Pending) Fit vacuum advance line from carbs to distributor
  • Fix timing cover oil leak
  • Remove and clean oil sump cover and strainer on oil pump
  • Fit radiator coolant recovery bottle


  1. You are behind on giving us the details for the "Done" items above! You need to spend some quality keyboard time doing the updates! C'mon, it's been a month or more already!

  2. I know, I know - sorry. I've been up to my elbows in rust and grease during every spare moment the last month working on the suspension (which I am just now marking "done"!) I am on vacation next week and I'll get a lot written then - promise!

  3. Geoff,

    If you are still driving the car with no vacuum advance, you will be very disappointed in your self when you finally fit one! It changes the car completely to have this working - much less laboring at road speeds and a lot more fun on the highway. Do this one soon.

  4. If you promise not to tell, that along with replacing the vacuum unit (from your guy up there at British Vacuum Units) are also "post pending"...

    1. Great - how'd you like it? Different, huh?