The Great MGA Experiment - Defined

The idea is to drive a classic British sports car - a 1958 MGA Roadster (convertible) as my main "daily driver".  I bought a drivable car that looks pretty good and seems to run well.  To save money and get the full experience, I'll take on routine maintenance myself.  I'll attempt low-end repairs and minor "accidental" restoration myself.  For bigger repairs and rebuilds I'll pay a local British car specialist to do for me.  I'll probably get more adventurous over time on what I do myself.

I'm in the Northern Virginia area of the Washington, DC metro area.  As a result, I'll get to know what this car is like in hot August weather (regularly in the 90's F with high humidity), and cold winter (regularly in the 20's F with high wind chill).  I'll need to figure out rain, snow and ice somehow.  I drive only about 10 miles each way to work, but do occasionally need to move across town for meetings, including in some of the worst traffic in the country.

Can this experiment succeed? Time will tell.

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